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Optronics Patternless EdgerMost people purchase their glasses at the one hour labs because they are convenient and they can get their glasses the same day. Some optical stores do not have full labs so they have to venture out and use a wholesale lab.  What is the difference between those one hour labs and those wholesale labs? The difference is really not too much different from my personal experience.

The only difference that I can see is that one hour labs don’t take enough time to do a complete final inspection and cosmetic inspection before the pair of glasses are dispensed, thus results in a lot of returns and remakes.  Also, you get what you pay for.

A wholesale lab is about volume and accuracy. The main focus is on the client and making sure that their glasses meets and exceeds the customers expectations. No more of this within tolerance crap. The prescription and measurements has to accurate or it gets rejected. Also, the wait is a little longer when getting glasses from a wholesale lab. It ca take up to 2 weeks in some cases.

Do you have experience working in either a wholesale lab and/or one hour lab? Tell me your experience with them and why you prefer one over the other?

As a customer, what if your experience with purchasing glasses at either one of these place? I would really like to know what most people prefer…

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Angie Conn


Comments on: "One Hour Labs vs Wholesale Labs" (3)

  1. I have only purchased eyewear at a one hour lab. I have had wonderful results so far and have been wearing glasses for 5 years.

  2. Don’t go to one hour labs. They don’t care how the lenses turn out they just want to get yours done to do the next person’s lenses. When people go to fast labs half the time people complain because they can’t see since they don’t inspect the lenses to make sure they are completely accurate so in the long run you will waste more time redoing lens jobs.

  3. It can be hit or miss on either one. It’s like any profession, there are those that take pride and those that dont. those that do…use only the best.


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