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  1. nice site, glad I found it, would love it if you added our link.

  2. Please add my link- Thank you

  3. Could someone please explain to me :-

    sph cyl axis prism base
    distance +075 -050 140
    near 175 2 in

    this is just one eye (obviously) but if someone could explain it to me then i could maybe work out the other eye’s readings in the same way… What i am failing to understand is why there is a positive sign (which to me as an ignoramus says that the eye is overshooting the mark by 0.75per cent) and then a negative sign (which to me then says that it’s undershooting by 0.5per cent)… The thing is i really don’t understand the figures and how come it is that they don’t just cancel each other out… or do they??… I really only went to the optician to get some specs to be able to read tiny tiny print and such like… so now i’ve got new specs on order but will they be any better than my little cheap reading specs that i’ve brought off perscription and used whenever i’ve needed do you think now?? ….i’ve read other peoples questions and answers to them but their figures all seem to be negative and negative or positive and positive… i just would like to know not because i’m questioning my optician in any way but because whilst i know my eyes are very good i know they were once better and i’m nosey about the decimals… I know i should maybe have asked the optician herself but my only concern in the shop were just to get some proper and correct specs… it were only later that i looked at the script and wondered about it (which brought me to here) ————my thanks in advance for anyone who posts an answer———–

  4. dot simonton said:

    I just read your article “How to read an eyeglass prescription”. It’s very informative. But one question remains in my mind.
    In the refractive error (farsightedness or nearsightedness), what exactly do the numbers mean in terms of how much.
    In other words -?.?? means 20/30, 20/40, etc? Also what does this mean related to what is required to pass the drivers license test?
    Thank-you for your response in advance.

  5. What does PL in the SPH Field mean?

    • Pl means Plano. In optics is used instead of 0.00, anyway it means you do not need any correction in the sphere, Plano is actually not used for the Cyl, only for the Sphere.

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