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Optician goes postal….


What To Expect During Your Eye Exam

refraction.jpgHas is been a while since you had an eye exam? Have you ever even had an eye exam? I am going to list what you can expect from your eye exam and what type of eye doctor you may chose.

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Simple F.A.Qs About Eyeglasses/Eyecare


Have you ever had a question about an eye care related issue? Do you want to know why some lenses are better than others? Do you want to know about different lens options?

You will find different FAQs about all things related to eye care in this article. Feel free to ask a question and I will add it to this list.



Is It Time For Reading Glasses?

You know everyone will need reading glasses eventually. Whether you pick bifocals, progressives, blended, round segs, or just your plain ole’ drug store readers….the time will come. I know my time is coming…I can see the changes already. I am myopic, but I almost 34 years old. My mother never wore glasses and when she turned 40…Boom! She got progressives.

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I, myself, am myopic. That means I am nearsighted, which also means I cannot see things far away. I have been wearing eyeglasses since the age of 7. Of course, back then they did not have the smaller frame choices they have today so I got stuck wearing those nasty ole’ big plastic frames. Learn more about Myopia and ways to treat it in this featured article. (more…)

Hyperopia – About

As many people get older, the need for glasses increases. We all will need reading glasses at some time. Learn about Hyperopia and the treatments they have today. (more…)

Refractive Errors/Vision Disorders

Learn about the many different vision disorders and diseases in this article… (more…)