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Trouble With Commenting

For some weird reason, I cannot post a comment on my own blog…Pretty strange. I know it is not my computer. I guess it must be word press.

Anyways, here are a few comments that I am posting here….Sorry about the delay in replying back.

Question #1:

mine is:
OD -150DS
OS pl -025 x 005

how come it’s not like the format you mentioned?
the optometrist said my left eye is not nearsighted, but why there’s -025 x 005?



Doctors have different formats on how they write a prescription, but it all means the same thing.
Your doctor is right. You are not nearsighted in your left eye. All it means that you have just a slight bit of astigmatism.

Pl = Plano (no prescription)
-.25 = A quarter of a diopter of astigmatism.
005 = The Axis as to where your astigmatism is located at.

You don’t have to worry. You really only need correction in your right eye. Just get your eyes examined every year or two to make sure your prescription doesn’t change and the health of your eyes are good.

I hope that this helps you out and if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Question #2

Peggy MacIntyre

My prescription reads:

Sphere Cylinder Axis Add
OD: -3.75 -0.75 030 +2.50
OS: -3.25 -0.50 160 +2.50

I want to get a pair of reading glasses and a pair of single vision lenses for nearsightedness. My question is does all this information apply to reading glasses? Would the same correction need to be made to them as for the nearsighted lenses?

The answer is yes. You can get a pair of glasses for reading and for distance. You have an ADD power of +2.50, so to get your reading prescription, you have to transpose your Add power along with your distance prescription.
Your reading Rx is different than your distance Rx.

This is your distance Rx:
OD -3.75 -0.75 x 030
OS -3.25 -0.50 x 160

This is your Reading Rx:
OD -1.25 -0.75 x 30
OS -0.75 -0.50 x 160

And if you were to get a pair of bifocals/progressives, your distance Rx would be in the top portion of the lenses and the +2.50 Add power in the lower bifocal portion.

I hope this helps you out and please feel free to contact me with any other questions.

Best Regards,
Angie Conn


One Hour Labs vs Wholesale Labs

Optronics Patternless EdgerMost people purchase their glasses at the one hour labs because they are convenient and they can get their glasses the same day. Some optical stores do not have full labs so they have to venture out and use a wholesale lab.  What is the difference between those one hour labs and those wholesale labs? The difference is really not too much different from my personal experience.

The only difference that I can see is that one hour labs don’t take enough time to do a complete final inspection and cosmetic inspection before the pair of glasses are dispensed, thus results in a lot of returns and remakes.  Also, you get what you pay for.

A wholesale lab is about volume and accuracy. The main focus is on the client and making sure that their glasses meets and exceeds the customers expectations. No more of this within tolerance crap. The prescription and measurements has to accurate or it gets rejected. Also, the wait is a little longer when getting glasses from a wholesale lab. It ca take up to 2 weeks in some cases.

Do you have experience working in either a wholesale lab and/or one hour lab? Tell me your experience with them and why you prefer one over the other?

As a customer, what if your experience with purchasing glasses at either one of these place? I would really like to know what most people prefer…

Best Regards,

Angie Conn

Optician goes postal….

A Day In The Lab

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How To Read An Eyeglass Prescription


When you have your eye exam and the doctor gives you a copy of your eyeglass prescription, do you know how to read it? What does OD, OS, and OU mean?