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A Day In The Lab

Cool video….I know this is a Lencrafters lab…I used to work at one…lol…
You have to find some way to have fun!! Enjoy!


Simple F.A.Qs About Eyeglasses/Eyecare


Have you ever had a question about an eye care related issue? Do you want to know why some lenses are better than others? Do you want to know about different lens options?

You will find different FAQs about all things related to eye care in this article. Feel free to ask a question and I will add it to this list.



Possible Promotion is in my Future

As you all know, I am a Lab Tech. I have been with this company for 3 years. Within that 3 years I was Lab Manager for 1 1/2 years, retail manager for 6 months, OA for 6 months, and the remainder of my time has been as a Lab Tech. Well, my lab manager is quitting. He put is 2 weeks notice in last week…. so….what does that mean?? Yep, that is right…My store is in need of a Lab Manager. I am so ready to go back to being a Lab Manager. I want it so bad! I will find out by next week. YAY!!! There is no one else that knows how to run the 108 Generator. Yep…we are old school, but we are getting new Gerber equipment within a year..

Wish me luck!