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Opticians Corner

All opticians can discuss freely their knowledge with the world here. Please feel free to post any information about licensing or apprenticeships here too!


Comments on: "Opticians Corner" (3)

  1. sph right & left.. plano, cyl right&left..-0.50 , Axis right 145, left 180…What is that mean? do I have short or far because what they recommendation to me is Distance MAR… Thanks a lot

  2. My eyes doctor said I have to get used to the prims,my dept persepton is very bad with them on.
    I was woundering how long do I wear them to get used to them.or they the wrong size prims.
    could you e-mail please if you know.
    thank you Kit

  3. Frank Winiarski said:

    How do you interpret the two different styles of prescriptions?

    One prescription has -1.50 for sphere of the OD. Another two years later from a different provider says -3.25.

    For the OS it is-3.50 and then two years later -5.00

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